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A Cozy Christmas

  • As an animal lover, fighting for those without a voice holds a special place in my heart. Please join me in rounding up your purchase to support an amazing non-profit animal rescue full of tireless volunteers and loving pets in search of their forever home, The Friends of the Friendless animal rescue of Lexington, Missouri. Your donation provides food, shelter, and love for adoptees far and wide. 

    Lucky for me, I have been able to take in strays and adopt my entire life. Please consider adopting from your local rescue, there is nothing more rewarding or applaudable than adoption. This charitable option is in memory of the sweetest soul I’ve ever met, Drake “the bestest boy” Jackson.


    Friends of the Friendless

    Thank you!

Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself...I'm Kat Jackson. Owner and artist, animal lover, and free spirit. Residing in rural Missouri alongside the big muddy river with my “pack of black” as I call it, has always been home. My husband and I live on our pecan farm with three black Labrador retrievers and two very curious black and calico felines. I'm a hair specialist of sorts. A retired cosmetologist of 9 years, as well as a wife and daughter to two hunting enthusiasts and trappers. Acquiring feathers and fur has never been scarce around this home place. Art has never been something I’ve taken for granted. I’ve seen a lot of life, and what’s always kept me grounded is creating beauty around me any chance I get and in any way possible. My love for all things creative started as early as I can remember with my mother letting me go wild on paper instead of her house. Then having wonderful creative arts teachers at Santa Fe Elementary and High School. To Majoring in photography at University of Central Missouri. Then transferring to State Fair Community College to major in fine art with an emphasis on oil painting and watercolor utilizing their incredible art department. Yet, somehow leather tooling is where I landed and continue to find joy in every day.

“Improve your selfies, see your stylist.”

Styling Services

I am now acceptiong appointments for hair and nail services.

Studio 101
109 W. Walnut
Waverly, MO 64096