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Kat Jackson Artistry

Herbal Bath Bag

Herbal Bath Bag

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Thoughtful mixtures of minerals and herbs for rejuvenating baths that are easy as making a cup of tea! Mineral and herbal baths date back thousands of years, used for the relief of aches and pains as well as soothes you into a more mindful state.  We have combined herbs to fit whatever your need or desire may be.

Moonlight Bath- Epsom salt, Himalayan sea salt, organic jasmine flowers, organic raspberry leaf, organic lavender

Clarity Bath- Epsom salt, Himalayan sea salt, organic pink roses, organic lemongrass, organic peppermint.

Blues Buster- Epsom salt, lemon balm, lavender, anise seed, eucalyptus, pine needles, rosemary, and essential oils of pine & peppermint

Love - made to bring in self or partner love.

Epsom salt, rose petals, jasmine, damiana, catnip, juniper berry, red clover, vervain, yarrow, elecampane, and jasmine essential oil.

Uncrossing- Made for clearing out bad juju and nasty vibes

Epsom salt, hyssop, eucalyptus, lemongrass, red chili, and essential oils of pine, lemon, eucalyptus & ravensara.

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